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Condo Conversion

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Scottsdale Seville Retail
Scottsdale Seville Office
La Mirada Center
Cottonwood Towne Center
Granite Capital purchases or invests in:

Whole loans, whether in pools or available individually, from lenders or hedge funds.
Commercial real estate short sales in conjunction with underlying lenders.
Purchase of commercial real estate with complex financing issues.

We understand loans and how to manage complex real estate assets, both residential and commercial. This, in combination with our development and mortgage finance experience, allows us to tackle troubled loans and achieve profitable outcomes of both the financing issues and the underlying real estate assets.

We understand the complexities of a loan seller's liquidity needs. We know the seller seeks not only cash, but also wants to ensure the sale closes as scheduled without being re-negotiated and is handled with appropriate discretion and confidentiality.

While others in our industry frequently give inflated indicative bids only to significantly reduce them after a lengthy due-diligence period, we proactively conduct up-front due diligence to establish the current market value of the collateral. From this, we can analyze what exits are available to solve the loan’s problems.


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